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App for professionals

LactApp presents LactApp PRO, a version of the app always designed to accompany professionals in their daily lives with breastfeeding mothers: solving queries

Specialized training

LactApp offers specialized training in breastfeeding from a global perspective.

Knowledge creation

LactApp is an inexhaustible source of real use cases, a perfect pretext to study and give a vision to breastfeeding from all possible angles.


LactApp Medical is a version of the app specially designed to accompany health professionals in their daily lives with breastfeeding mothers, do not miss everything we offer:

Consult any breastfeeding doubt among the more than 72,000 possible ways and more than 2,300 answers. The app will apply a series of filters that will accompany you to a final answer in any breastfeeding consultation with babies of different profiles.

We could assure that the network between professionals could be very important within the accompaniment of a mother. Being able to make a case, debate it, share or request scientific information or resources has never been easier. FUNCTIONALITY UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

If you have a doubt that is difficult to reproduce in the automated queries section, you don’t have time to expose it in the forum and you need the opinion of an expert, you can use the chat to raise it with an International Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC).

At LactApp we offer training on different platforms, one of which is the LactApp PRO app: specific breastfeeding topics in an audiovisual format that is always available to you. FUNCTIONALITY UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

In the resources section you will find quality articles that you will be able to apply in the day to day of your consultations. Updated information based on scientific evidence.

Download LactApp and ask for your Medical license, it's free.

We'll be in your pocket when you need us.
"As a health professional who has been an expert in sexual and reproductive health care for 30 years, I see on a daily basis that the information and support of mothers in the gestation period, and especially in the postpartum period, can clearly be improved. That is why I give value to this technological tool in the field of lactation that with a very intuitive operation, gives truthful information, of quality, based on the greatest available scientific evidence and totally personalized. "
Dra. Carme Comas
Dra. Carme Comas
Head of Service Obstetrics and Gynecology - Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol

Specialized training

100% Updated

We offer 100% up to date training. LactApp Academy's teaching team is in continuous training and research, as well as being active in the professional field.


There are many levels and needs when it comes to training in breastfeeding, for that reason we can create a tailored training for your center.

Case Studies

LactApp bets for a formation with methodology based on cases. to confront the professional with the reality and thus to be able to apply the theory and the resources in discussion form and in team.

Postgraduate studies

LactApp's undergraduate degree is now almost a reality. Os we will keep you informed.

Te detallamos, a continuación, 4 posibilidades para formarte

The LactApp team offers talks and lectures on specific topics of current breastfeeding news.

With a methodology based on cases, LactApp Academy, proposes a training tailored to the needs of your center adaptable to all levels.

The University Expert Degree in Advanced Practice in Breastfeeding is a program designed for health professionals who wish to improve and deepen their knowledge, skills and aptitudes for caring for women and children during breastfeeding.

Comming soon

LactApp moves LactApp moves LactApp moves is an option for all those collectives that want LactApp to come to their city. Cuéntame +